Have you you tried a number of different exercise programs with the best of intentions – only to quit them a few months later? Or are you in the midst of a mind-numbing run on the dreadmill, thinking that there must be a little more out there to enjoy?

Seriously, try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am here to tell you that the holy grail of workouts – exercising without really paying attention to the fact that you’re exercising – exists.

Jiu jitsu is like “human chess.” You will find yourself engrossed in thoughts about what you should do next, and what your opponent might do instead of looking at the clock. And don’t let that scare you into thinking that it’s TOO brain-taxing – your muscle memory kicks in to get you started on your options.

You’ll find that you have burned more than 700 calories in a single visit, and you’ll just bask in the afterglow, engrossed in your thoughts about what moves you want to try next, or how you could have escaped that last choke instead of tapping.

To make jiu jitsu more addictive, you always train with a partner, so you build up a network of training friends who look for you each class, and miss you when you’re gone. And this works for introverts too – no need for small talk.

Try it. Get off the hamster wheel and join us – you can try it for FREE.